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Amni Transportation – AMNI Transportation provide expert transport planning, traffic management and project management services to local government, developers and architects skip to Main Content

AMNI Transportation provide expert transport planning, traffic management and project management services to local government, developers, architects…..

Recent Projects

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Transport Assessment

A Transport Assessment considers the potential transport impact of development by considering the journeys by all modes of transport read more

Site Appraisal

Advice may be required to determine a suitable access to a potential development site. We can advise on the location of access options including methods of controlling the junction onto the main road network (priority junction, roundabout and traffic signals). read more

Swept Path Analysis has an important role in the design process for new or modified road layouts.

Swept Path Analysis can provide a number of benefits to developers, architects, engineers and transport planners.

Travel Plans

The Planning Authority may require that a Travel Plan is submitted alongside other documents to support development proposals and an application for planning permission.

The overarching aim of a Travel Plan is to encourage travel behaviour change and encourage more sustainable forms of travel to reduce the travel impact of development proposals. read more

Servicing Management Plans

A Servicing Management Plan (SMP) may be requested by the Planning Authority or Highway Authority as part of planning application development proposals. When a SMP is requested it will enable the Planning Authority and Highway Authority to assess the servicing implications of the development when it is operational. read more

Traffic Management

Changes within the local highway network may require the assessment of the impacts of the changes. This could include an assessment on the local parking and a review of the existing traffic patterns. read more

Temporary Traffic Management

To support planning application development proposals, there may be a requirement to consider a number of issues during the construction of the development project and the Planning Authority or Highway Authority may require a Construction Management Plan, Temporary Closure, Hoarding Licence or Scaffolding Licence read more

Highway Development Control

We have extensive experience of highway development control which includes assessing some of the largest mixed use developments and minor development proposals.

We have experience of providing advice to local authorities to review and assess large scale mixed use developments, providing comprehensive reports and recommendations. read more

Traffic Survey

Traffic surveys are needed to assist with development planning and particularly to support the assessment for a new (or improved) access. Survey types include speed surveys, turning counts / link counts, parking surveys and queue / delay surveys. read more

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