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Traffic Management


Changes within the local highway network may require the assessment of the impacts of the changes. This could include :-

  • An assessment on the local parking in an area, including parking surveys and the development of a parking strategy;
  • A review of the existing traffic patterns and an assessment of measures needed to improve traffic flow, reduce congestion and improve road safety. As part of this work a survey of the existing traffic patterns may be required, an assessment of schemes to bring about improvements and the production of proposals and a supporting report with recommendations. Measures could include changes to traffic flow by introducing turning bans, one-way systems and restriction on certain types of vehicles movements.

We have extensive experience in the assessment and  development of traffic management proposals which includes :-

  • local parking schemes,
  • assessing bus access along key traffic routes,
  • reviewing the layout of existing and proposed junctions,
  • introducing traffic restrictions at junctions, and
  • the assessment, design and consultation of extensive controlled parking zones.


If you require any advice on traffic management please contact us.

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