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Swept Path Analysis

Swept Path Analysis, also known as Vehicle Tracking, has an important role in the design process for new or modified road layouts.

Uses of Swept Path Analysis

Swept Path Analysis can provide a number of benefits to developers, architects, engineers and transport planners :-

  • It identifies whether vehicles that are expected to use a new road layout will be able to safely negotiate the new layout.
  • It aids the design process as it helps to determine the size and width of a new or modified road layout required for the vehicles that can be expected to use the road.


There are a wide variety of vehicle types and sizes that are able to use the road network. Architects, engineers and transport planners need to be able to assess the likely size and type of vehicles that can be expected to use a new road layout or a modified road layout.

For a new development it is best to agree at an early stage with the Planning Authority or Highway Authority for the area the size and type of vehicles that should be considered within the development proposals.


Analysis Software  

Specialist software enables proposed road layouts to be tested using computerised vehicle swept path analysis to determine whether the vehicle would actually able be to negotiate the road layout and not create any road safety problems. The software contains an extensive library of vehicle types and sizes which includes cars, delivery vehicles including articulated lorries, refuse collection vehicles and fire service appliances.

If a layout would require access by a unique vehicle then this can be created within the software. To create a ‘new’ vehicle for use in swept path analysis then a vehicle specification sheet or actual measurements from the vehicle are required to enable it to be designed. AMNI Transportation has experience of undertaking swept path analysis using standard vehicles form the vehicle library and also creating ‘new’ vehicles.


If you require assistance with testing a road layout with swept path analysis, whether this is with a standard vehicle in the software library or a new vehicle to be created, then please contact us about your requirements.

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