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Temporary Traffic Management

To support planning application development proposals, there may be a requirement to consider a number of issues during the construction of the development project and the Planning Authority or Highway Authority may require :-


Construction Management Plan

A Construction Management Plan to be produced to show how the delivery of equipment, materials and the workforce will be achieved with the aim of minimising the impact on the local road network and community.


Temporary Closure 

Proposals to be submitted to facilitate construction operations which may include the Temporary Closure of a road or footway. This will require consideration of the impact of the closure on the surrounding businesses and residents including how they can access the area. As part of the application to close a road, there will need to be agreement reached with the Highway Authority on the temporary diversion signs for the closure, which will need to be submitted alongside a signing schedule.

Hoarding Licence and Scaffolding Licence

During the construction there may be a need to erect scaffolding and / or a hoarding on a footway to enable construction to take place safely. Permission is needed from the local authority to erect scaffolding and hoardings which need an application to be made and accompanied with a traffic management plan. AMNI Transportation has experience in submitting and securing approval for highway licence applications.


AMNI Transportation can provide advice on the various processes that need to be considered to facilitate construction on or near a public highway. We can produce the Construction Management Plan, Temporary Traffic Management proposals, Highway Licence applications and complete the relevant forms that the Highway Authority may require, including negotiating with the Highway Authority.

If you require any advice on temporary traffic management please contact us.

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