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Traffic Surveys

Traffic surveys are needed to assist with development planning and particularly to support the assessment for a new (or improved) access.


Speed Surveys

Speed surveys may be requested by the Planning Authority or Highway Authority so that they can be used to determine the extent of a visibility splay needed at a junction.


Turning Counts / Link Counts 

Traffic surveys at junctions and on links roads may be needed to provide the evidence base as part of a transport statement or transport assessment. This information can then be used in the assessment process to determine the capacity at junctions and assess the impact on capacity from the anticipated development traffic.


Parking Surveys

AMNI Transportation has experience of undertaking parking surveys to assess the impact of cars parking in streets and assessing the available parking capacity in an area. This can then be used to assess the need for any parking measures to improve existing and quantified parking problems. 


Queue / Delay Surveys 

AMNI Transportation is able to arrange the assessment of queues at existing junctions to inform the assessment process. This could be to validate traffic models or to understand the existing queues and delays before assessments of development traffic are undertaken.


If you need any advice on the types of survey you may need for your development or you would like AMNI Transportation to provide a quotation for traffic surveys then please contact us.

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