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Transport Assessments and Transport Statements

A Transport Assessment considers the potential transport impact of development by considering the journeys by all modes of transport (cycling, walking, public transport and cars), which includes examining the suitability of the existing facilities and the future appropriateness of the transport network to cater for the travel demands to the development. The Transport Assessment will assess the impact on road safety and congestion on the local transport network from the proposed development. The Transport Assessment will assess the parking provision for cars, people with mobility issues, cyclists, and parking for servicing vehicles against the local parking standards and policy.

Junction capacity assessments for current situations and the impact of development in future years, using specialist software, will usually be required in a Transport Assessment. If capacity and / or safety issues are identified in the analysis then measures will need to be put forward which mitigate the issues. These measures could include changes to existing network infrastructure and / or the provision of facilities for travel by sustainable modes.

Transport Assessments needs to be produced for developments that are considered to have significant travel movements. For developments that are likely to produce lower travel demands then a Transport Statement will be more appropriate to assess and consider the transport impact. The Planning Authority will have thresholds in place that determine whether a Transport Assessment or Transport Statement is required for a particular size and type of development. A Transport Assessment or Transport Statement will normally need to be supported with a Travel Plan.

We can assist you with discussions with the Planning Authority and Highway Authority to assess the need for and scope of a Transport Assessment and Transport Statement. Please contact us if you would like to know how we can assist you.

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