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Traffic Management

AMNI Transportation has undertaken a number of commissions to review the impact of improvements on the local road network. Some of our recent work is provided below.


Bus Layby Review, Blackpool

For this commission, AMNI Transportation needed to review the impact of current bus stop facilities and the previous bus facility locations to assess the impact on the local road network and consider the bus service benefits of each location. After inspecting the locations on-site, AMNI produced a report with recommendations which was submitted to the Client.


Mini Roundabout Assessment, Blackpool

AMNI Transportation was commissioned to assess the current layout of a mini-roundabout against design standards. As part of the work, capacity analysis was undertaken to assess how the current layout would perform against increased traffic demand from a nearby residential development. AMNI Transportation produced a report outlining how the roundabout compared against geometric design standards and a commentary on the capacity analysis, which was submitted to the Client.


If you want advice on Traffic Management for your project then please get in touch.

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