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Servicing Management Plans

Our recent work in producing Servicing Management Plans is descried below.


Bar, Restaurant, Hotel Development,  Manchester City


AMNI Transportation was commissioned to provide specialist advice to develop a Servicing Management Plan (SMP) for all the uses at the development site.

AMNI had to research the type of servicing required, the frequency and the size of vehicles that would service the development and times that vehicles would travel to and from the development. This was to ensure that vehicles could safely negotiate the local street network and not create any road safety issues when undertaking the servicing. AMNI had to devise a plan that would avoid conflicting with other servicing movements and as part of the commission AMNI had to engage with servicing companies including refuse collection companies to understand how they operate in the area and how servicing could be achieved. Swept Path Analysis was undertaken to demonstrate that vehicles proposed to access the site would be able to manoeuvre in the street.


The SMP produced by AMNI was accepted by the Highway Authority and the development proposal approved by the Planning Authority.


If you want advice on a Servicing Management Plan for your development then please get in touch.

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