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Visibility Splay Advice From AMNI Enables The Client To Get A Planning Condition Discharged

Visibility Splay Advice from AMNI enables the Client to get a planning condition discharged

AMNI was commissioned to produce a visibility splay and provide access advice for an exclusive property in Langley Lane, Goosnargh to enable the planning condition to be discharged. The visibility splay that we designed was developed after undertaking traffic surveys to determine the design speed of the road. The timescale was quite short to complete the work. With good programming we organised the traffic surveys and completed the work to the Client’s timescale. A challenging aspect to this scheme is the undulating nature of the existing road. AMNI proved that the visibility splay could be achieved both horizontally and vertically by undertaking site measurements along the road in each direction from the proposed access.

The drawing and supporting report that we produced was accepted by the Highway Authority and recommended the planning condition be discharged. A great result for the Client.

If you have a project that you require visibility splay advice then please get in touch.

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